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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  November 25, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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humiliated on social media. >> local high school students taking a stand against sexual harassment and what they call slut shaming. >> i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama dates. 24 is happening at berkeley high school. the girls are demanding change. >> abc7 news reporter cornell bernd is in the newsroom with more. >> berkeley high school students are furious the way some girls are sexually harassed on social media and campus. not enough is being done to stop it. >> on a daily basis there is a lot of cat calling that goes on on the hole ways and the streets. hallways and the streets jie. she says she has heard and seen enough. >> sometimes people even get
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groped and don't know what to do about it. >> she is disgusted with the sexual harassment she witnesse on campus and so she and fellow students are fighting back to stop it. they have buttons with # bhs stop harassing and t-shirts with the message "stop blaming my body for your harassment." they say school policies need to be improved. >> we have no coverage in education about sexual ha never talked about it in any of our lessons. >> it started after boys on campus created so-called slut accounts on instagram mocking girls's bodies. >> they are posting pictures of girls sort of slut shaming them. >> an issue on college campuses, many say information is needed. >> considering we will be the next kids moving on and being at these colleges it is serious to have discussions about consent when alcohol is involved. >> berkeley high students hope the new awareness is enough to bring change and send a
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message. sexual harassment isn't cool. cornell bernard, abc news. >> the san francisco zoo says it will take immediate action on some recommendations made during an investigation into the death of a gorilla. a gorilla expert just finished his probe. he was crushed by a high droll lick door. the zoo says they will retrofit doors in the gorilla exhibit. they have a specialist to encourage orderly gorilla behavior and form an expert training advisory committee to train zoo staff. right now protestors are still in the streets in response to yesterday's grand jury decision not to indict the police officer who shot and killed unarmed teenager michael brown in ferguson, missouri. >> we have live look at some of the crowd out there tonight. this is live from sky heavy hd in em -- in emeryville. police are trying to bring all of the demonstrations from the night to an end.
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>> it has been a violent and destructive night. just after 9:00, a few protesters broke the front windows on telegraph. you caw is a man throw a crate at the windows. police moved in and helped protect the business. >> a line of fire blocked telegraph avenue in oakland. the vandals lined up the strash bins -- the trash bins and created a barricade of officers to keep traffic away from the area. the dumpsters were set on fire at several telegraph intersections. >> a short time later sky 7hd cap cash -- captured vandals. you can see a few people run into the dealership and quickly scurry out back on to the street. >> protesters shutdown freeways in oakland. >> here is video of dozens of people blocking interstate 580 and frustrating drivers for a second night. >> sky heavy sd is overhead as police tried to coral the
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demonstrators. alan wang was there. he joins us now from the phone. >> the protesters made an aggressive move shortly after 9:00 tonight and rushed the fence at the intersection of i-580. they made it to the top of the hill and halted traffic. some of them stopped traffic in the westbound lanes until about a hundred officers started arresting protesters up there. a call for mutual aid has a group of 350 protesters outnumbered. they limited them to smaller groups and some started running up telegraph avenue setting trashcans on fire and even injuring an elderly man. they looted a paint store and hit that man in the head with a paint bucket when he confronted them. earlier this evening around 6:30, about 150 protesters rushed the ramp on interstate 980 in the middle of rush hour
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traffic. they shutdown the eastbound lanes for half an hour. there are fewer protesters compared to last night, but they are moving faster and causing a lot more damage. in oakland, alan wang abc7 news. >> so violent in oakland, but a second night of peace of the protests in the mission district. you can see the crowd from sky 7hd. about 60 people marched from 24th street flanked by police and carrying riot gear. the protesters stopped at the mission police station on valencia police station where they shouted "no justice, no peace" but no trouble. another rough night in ferguson, missouri. the national guard has been deployed to prevent the destruction that we saw last night. >> abc news president arer marcy gonzalez -- reporter marcy gonzalez is in ferguson. >> the smoldering ashes in ferguson surrounded by unexpected peace. here at the initial epicenter
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of the unrest they gathered outside of police headquarters, but otherwise there is relative quiet. a glaring contrast to last night's rioting. the worst this community has seen since officer darren wilson killed michael brown in august. tonight for the first time wilson is publicly sharing what he claims lead to the shooting. >> he is going to get this gun away from me. something will happen and i will be dead. i pulled it a third time and it finally goes off. >> telling say -- saying in an interview that he is sorry, but wouldn't have done anything differently. >> the reason i have a screen conscience is because i know i did my job right. >> michael brown's family furious they did not indict wilson and say it should have gone to trial. >> this process is broken. the process should be indicted. >> and police an@ 2,000 national guard troops are on
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the streets making sure what started as a peaceful night stays that way marcy gonzalez, abc news, ferguson, missouri. >> we are following the protest over the ferguson decision very closely on-line and on air. we will bring you any scwor developments during the newscast. things are changing all night. coverage continues at abc7 news bay area. new at 11:00, santa clara will set aside $2 million for super bowl activities after it did not get a cut of the massive fundraising efforts. councilmembers voted to cover the cost of a week of events leading up to super bowl 50 in 2016. the money would be used for costs sponsors don't pay for. it would come from the capital projects reserve and not the general fund. activities include a parade, fireworks, food festival and pep rally. the wishing tree has returned to eureka street between 21st and 22nd. it started in 2011 when the creator decided to bring a
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little. >> to people's lives during the holiday. hundreds of people have since left wishes from a pet to more rain and even a wish for mom and dad to stop fighting. sweet idea. fitness trackers are supposed to help you get healthy so why are some users getting rashes. michael finney is here with an exclusive report on this tonight. >> i have been reporting about the popular fit bit force and the rash it can cause. the company just released a new version they said would be safer, but already the irritation is back. why is the cause a secret? >> and a little boy with very big plans. the inspiring way he is helping other kids on and off the court. >> i am sandhya patel and there is a wet pattern setting up. i'll let you
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for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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bit of san francisco had a problem with the hugely popular fitness tracker "the force." thousands of users broke out in severe rashes. it was recalled and now it has released a new product that is supposed to be safer, but can you wear it without worry? michael finney has been investigating and he is here with the results. >> can the cause of a rash be a trade secret? that's one of the questions brought up in my investigation. another question, if the new fit bit tracker is safer, why are we seeing rashes? >> it has been eight months since the fit bit force was pulled from shelves causing users to break out in the blistering rashes.
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7 on your side was first to investigate the irritating problem. now the company released what it calls a safer product. it is telling customers we learned many lessons from this experience and we are incorporating these lessons in the future products to make sure the entire community can continue to enjoy the fitness trackers. he loved his fit bit force, but was among the 10,000 users who suffered a serious rash. now he is among the first to try the new fit bit charge. >> i thought, okay, they must have fixed things and put it on and headed out for the day. jay hours later he -- >> hours later he felt a familiar tingling sensation. >> something was on my wrist in that spot, but i thought maybe it is in my head. it can't be happening again. >> it was not in his head. it was on his wrist. he posted this photo on twitter. he is not alone.
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since cory posted we have found seven more complaints saying the new fit bit tracker was causing the same problems as the old one. this user says his skin broke out 10 hours after using the fit bit charge. this one asks, is anyone else getting a rash like this from the new fit bit charge. >> i think they need to pull it off the market until they can solve the problems and prove with testing that it is safe for people to wear. >> fit bit says it designed the new product with stricter standards. most important, an adhesive compound suspected of causing most rashes can no longer contact the skin. then why are charge users reporting rashes? i wanted to talk with the fit bit ce so and he would not agree to an on camera interview. through a spokesperson he said we have been in contact with a handful of users who reported skin irritation after wearing the product. if any users are experiencing these symptoms, we encourage them to remove the device and
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if symptoms persist to contact a dermatologist. the company says the rashes from the charge are different than the ones caused by the force. it could be an ear caused by sweat or soap. i president ared about the mysterious outbreaks in february. >> big, red, itchy spot on my wrist. >> what caused it? >> i wasn't sure why i was getting a rash. >> the company never released it findings about the specific reason. so seven on your side filed a freedom of information request seeking document is fit bit submitted to the government about the cause of the rashes. >> months later we received a whooping 802 paimgs -- pages and they tell us almost nothing. hundreds of pages are blacked outcome pleatly. the government telling me fit bit has a right by law to keep me from seeing anything it considers a trade secret. >> they are burying you with the paperwork so you can't
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find out what the real truth is. >> fit bit responds. we want to maintain confidentially over the research and investigation of the force. we cannot share the specifics of our investigation. we can uh shr -- assure you that we relied on the scientific consulting firms as well as numerous experts and their respective fields. >> fit bit tells customers that if they had a rash previously they should consult a doctor before wearing any device. the consumer commission said it emitted some documents from the huge 802-page release. i will be receiving them shortly and go over them and we will share the results as they shed more light on this investigation. >> thank you, michael. well, he is only 11 years old, and he is already a philanthropist with big plans to help his community. you are about to meet shea patel. he is helping other kids enjoy
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sports. lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> reporter: sports are at the heart of the boys and girls club of the peninsula, and these kids love to play hoops. until recently many on the in house basketball league played in whatever shoes and clothes they had like sneakers and even flip flip-flops. >> and so the 11-year-old decided to help. he started alley-oops kids and raised $6,000 fast. last month he delivered 60 gym bags filled with shoes, clothes and basketballs to the kids. jennifer perez got one of the bags. >> my favorite was the basketball. >> this 10-year-old wants to play in the wnba one day and she is sure shea's gifts will help her get there. >> he is a pretty nice guy to raise all of this money for all of us. >> i am happy that i did this. i am satisfied it went well.
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i am kind of glad for them and for myself. >> his next plan is to raise enough money so that every player in the in house soccer league could have new equipment. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> what a great kid. >> good for him. >> beautiful outside the next couple days, but it will change soon. >> a lot of people are getting ready to travel for the holiday. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with a look at our weather. >> we will get our much needed rain, but the timing is going to be perfect. so for thanksgiving it is going to be dry. as we look at live doppler 7hd we are in the clear except for a patch of fog that has formed in fairfield. temperatures are cooling quickly. most areas are in the 40s and 50s and it is going to be chilly for the morning commute. right now from you are on sutro tower cam, san francisco is sparkling. no fog here. clear and chilly overnight. mild afternoons the next two days and then a rainy pattern
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is setting up on saturday through tuesday and it will translate into snow in the high country. that could affect travel coming back from tahoe. looking at livermore's temperature trend average high is 61 of the the next couple days, above normal and then the temperatures start to go down. really returning to average for this time of year for the weekend and going into early next week. here is a look at the set up. the high pressure keeps you dry through thanksgiving so you don't have to worry about any travel issues with regard to the weather here in the bay area or around the state of california. but then we get these storms that are lining up for the weekend. the will get us wet and the second will bring us wind and heavy rain. when all is said and done, by tuesday, the long-range estimates are three to faff inches of -- three to five inches of rain. if you head up to the sierra nevada for the thanksgiving weekend we are talking about snow levels between 6,000 and
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7,000 feet. sunday you could be looking at snow around the passes and that could affect your travel plans. east coast travel could be on the low side. the nor' easter will work its way up the coast and it means snow, heavy rain, winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories are up. it continues through tomorrow night and then some snow showers and rain showers behind it for thanksgiving and then drying out. tomorrow morning, don't forget the jacket or coat. the temperatures start out on the chilly side, upper 30s and 40s and 50s and pretty clear and then around the afternoon hours we are looking at mild conditions. 70 in santa rosa and napa and oakland and san mateo. 70 in livermore and 72 san jose. 67 in san francisco. 68 half moon bay. the spare the air alert tomorrow. it will be dry for thanksgiving and comfortable weather when you sit down to feast. friday night and going in right on through early next week it is a wet pattern. it is cooler conditions. it is the type of weather we
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expect to see in the winter and it is coming. we thrilled about that. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] follow your joy to a celebration like no other. start your new orleans holiday at
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brought to you by ebay. >> steph curry was in a shooting slump for the warriors. nothing major, just a little off. as of tonight, steph is on, on fire that is. steph goes for 40. go to see andrew bogit back. backdoor. in miami and lebron is gone and dwyane wade is hurting. he gives miami an early nine-point lead. mice hustle -- nice hustle. they were up 16 in the second
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quarter. curry and company are finishing the half strong and napier hits the three in the third quarter. making it look easy. stop and pop and three. finishes with 40 points and doing the shim me. klay thompson had 24 points and three of seven from deep. the game was tied at 95 and the warriors went on a late charge. a14-0 run. warriors are 11-2 and they won six in a row. disan ford -- stanford is hosting delaware. this is another one and it is named marcus alan this alan had 12. stanford wins big. 84-47. pablo sandoval explains why he left the giants for boston and left the giants for boston and it was not abou
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i'm protected and i'm covered, and i love that feeling. i'm in, so i can grow my business. you too can enjoy quality health coverage. to enroll, or find free in-person help, go to giants with pablo sandoval going to boston. one option is take the money they were going to pay the panda and use it to lure former red sox john lester who is one of the top pitchers available. the panda introduced in boston. he took the same deal the giants were offering five years for 95 million. there was no sense that sandoval felt snubbed. it just seems the red sox legacy and the lure playing along david ortiz at fenway
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and these own boston panda was enough to convince sandoval to leave san francisco. >> i know i have a great career in san francisco, but i will have a new one here and a new challenge and i want to start. it feels great to have the boston red sox uniform right now. >> and a double dose of bad news for the giants because third base coach tim flannery today announced he is retiring after 33 years in the game. abc7 sports is brought to you by ebay. >> hate to see him go. players loved him. >> and he was great in raising money for brian stowe. >> abc news continues on-line, on twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. >> our next newscast is


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